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V1 Hitler's secret weapon


Description Fieseler 103 or " V1 "
Flying bomb powered by a pulsejet Argus AS - 014 , controlled by an autopilot flight Askania and maintained in its path by a magnetic compass . This machine could be catapulted from bases spread between Belgium and Cherbourg or dropped from a Heinkel He 111 twin-engine bomber .
   Dimensional characteristics : ( For the A1 version exhibited in this museum , that is to say that commonly used during the offensive from France between June 12 and September 1, 1944)
Length : 8320 mm
Wingspan : 5370 mm
Height : 1490 mm
Maximum diameter of the fuselage : 840 mm
Length of the nozzle propellant : 3660 mm
Thrust thruster 390 kg at sea level
Tank : 690 liters of gasoline
Consumption : 27 l / min
Operational characteristics : ( For the A1 version )
Load : 830 kg of TNT explosive type or " Trialen "
Range : 250 km
Speed : 650 km / h average
Flight time : 22 minutes on average
•  Altitude maximum : 3 000 m
Current Altitude : between 300 and 900m
   Video launch V1

Loch en l'état
Loch rénové
Frydag Kupplung
Sphère d'air comprimé 150 bars
Sabot pour le cataplutage
Oeil de levage du V1
Régulateur de vol
Tableau électrique
Prise pour point de réglages
Batterie Radio
Emetteur radio FuG 23
Emetteur radio FuG 23 en place
Servos moteurs
Volets de plongée
Legerohr ou antenne radio bobinée
Legerohr dans la carlingue
Pulso réacteur

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