M U S E U M  O F  T O S N Y
WWII 39/45
Louviers Road D135


Visit one of the finest private museums in France by the quality and richness of its collection
Upon entering the road from the visitor Louviers two " pepper " German for monitoring rail . Recovered in the Vernon station , these buildings had character semi mobile weighing five tons . They now mark out the path to the large car park of the Museum of World War II , the only real enthusiast , Jean Erisay built ten years ago .
Realization of a dream but a life's work , it presents :

- A large space full of many historical documents but also materials such as rare or unusual caterpillar small craft " Goliath . "

- A rich collection of posters, newspapers , photographs , notes and coins

- Authentic uniforms of officers, soldiers, paratroopers , women's auxiliaries of the seven warring states , enhanced by some thirty models carefully placed in the window and that we discover in the course of progression .

- In short , a rewarding visit during which you can also discover the most famous of Hitler's secret weapons , a V1 Beautifully restored .


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