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The secret weapon Goliath

The Goliath is a wire-guided small tracked vehicle used by the Wehrmacht during the Second World War .
He had a load of explosives from 60 to 100 kg, can be remotely activated to destroy a tank or a fortified place Each Goliath was scheduled to be destroyed with its target .
By 1940 , having recovered from the Seine near a miniature prototype vehicle developed by the French designer Adolphe Kégresse , the bureau asked the Wehrmacht weapons development by the Borgward automobile company in Bremen a similar vehicle to transport Explosives . The result was the Sd . Kfz . 302 ( Sonder Kraftfahrzeug , " motor vehicle " ) called the Leichte Ladungsträger ( " enabling light load " ) nicknamed Goliath .
The vehicle was controlled remotely using a control box fitted with a " joystick " , which was connected to the Goliath by two telephone cables connecting to the rear of the vehicle .
The first model of the Goliath using an electric motor to move but because of its cost and difficulties of repair , the following model ( known as Sd . Kfz . 303 ) used a gasoline engine is simpler and more reliable

Although a total of 7564 Goliath of the two models have been produced , this single-use weapon has not been considered a success because of its high unit cost , its very slow speed ( 9.5 km / h ) , its thin armor did not protect against any type of modern anti-tank weapon , and its control cables vulnerable . Vintage video click here . Today's video click here

Rear view of Goliath
Bobbin 100 m electric guide
Propulsion electric motor
Trap for setting
Plug of the manufacturer "LIST" snap on housing visible on the right
Junction box insert on the "Goliath" with stand for sheet "LIST"
Remote control box with his key and marking
Button start - switch
V - H - R front - and rear stop
Marking and superb white lever L to Left (left) and R for Recht (right)


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